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Shrinkflation: Are your groceries shrinking?

Do you feel like some of your groceries are getting…smaller?

Shrinkflation_ Are your groceries shrinking_.jpg

The price is the same (or even more), but it looks like there’s a lot less product??????

You’re not losing your mind. Some groceries really are getting smaller! Companies are making their packaging smaller and may even be charging us more while expecting us not to notice.

It’s called Shrinkflation

Shrinkflation…shrinkfl…shrink what?

Shrinkflation means packaging shrinks but prices hold steady…or even go up. This is part of how big corporations are driving up their profits – cutting corners at our expense. And they’re blaming it on inflation.

What's getting smaller?

We found a few things we buy a lot. They're not going as far as they used to and it turns out that's because there's less of them. 

  • Gatorade: 14% less liquid 
  • General Mills Boxes: 10% less cereal 
  • Doritos: 5 fewer chips 
  • Hershey Kisses: 2 ounces less
  • Ice Cream: 12 ounces less

So what can we do?

  • Check the net weight. Check out the net weight or price per ounce of what you're buying. Don't look at the name, look at the size, and compare it to what you bought last time.
  • Buy store brands. Brand name products are usually the ones shrink-flated. But again, make sure to look at net weight. Sometimes a product is more expensive but you're actually getting more in ounces, pounds, etc. 
  • Change up the brands. Most shoppers stick to the stuff they're used to. Not anymore! Buy what's cheapest after checking out the net weight. 
  • Buy in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you're locking in a price. Start by buying things you know you'll always need, like toilet paper. But remember to consider the weight or count and the store brands, AND if there any discounts before buying. 
  • Look for discounts! Don't buy things you don't need, buy things you do need when they go on sale! Find discounts and cashback using Upside.