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Welcome to WorkMoney—a nonprofit organization dedicated to help you live a better life.


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A message from our founder, Carrie Joy


I started WorkMoney because I truly believe money should be straightforward: If I work hard, it shouldn’t break the bank to pay my mortgage, get dinner with my husband, or take my kiddo on a trip to Disney.

For decades, the rich have gotten richer while it’s gotten way tougher for the rest of us in America. It’s time to fix that.

Together at WorkMoney, we do our best to make the American Dream real for all Americans, every single day. I'm so glad to be here with all y'all!


What makes WorkMoney work

Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in the American Dream: If you work hard, you’ll earn your family a good life.

Over the past decades, that’s become much, much more difficult for most families. If it feels like you are working harder than ever, but still falling farther behind, that’s because it’s true. In fact, believe it or not, over the last 40 years if incomes had kept up with profits we’d all be making twice as much!

That’s why WorkMoney was created. Our team brings together experts who help consumers save money on everyday expenses like bills, and smart policy thinkers experienced in working with political leaders around the country to do what’s right for hard-working Americans. Now five million members strong (and growing), we work everyday for a clear mission: to help make sure everyone who works hard gets ahead.


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