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How to shop for groceries on a budget

Find several ways you can win the fight against high food prices for you and your family

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Let's face it, grocery shopping has become a bit of a pain. Prices are up, and the bills seem to keep getting bigger. 

But fear not, there's a way to tackle this challenge without having to buy less or worse food. It's all about shopping smart. Our tips and resources at WorkMoney can help you fill your pantry and fridge without emptying your wallet. Ready? Let's dive in!

The bulk is your buddy

Here's a neat trick - buying in bulk. Yes, it might look like you're only saving a few pennies per item, but trust us, it adds up. Picture this - you save 10 cents on a daily-use item, and over a year, you've got over $30 back in your pocket.

And even though bulk-buying stores (like Costco, BJs, and Sam’s Club) often have membership fees, the savings you make on your purchases will more than make up for it. Want to skip the membership fees? No worries! You can shop on Costco’s online store even without a membership (but there's a 5% non-member surcharge and some exclusive member deals won't be available). 

Clever couponing

Coupons are a bit like magic. They can shrink your bill instantly. The key, however, is to use them wisely. That means focusing on items you and your family actually use and skipping products that aren’t right for you.

Here's another tip - some stores print out coupons for items you’ve bought previously. If you're going to be buying them again, hold on to those coupons. And if you find a store that offers double coupon redemption, even better!

Smart meal planning

Another super effective way to stretch your grocery budget is to plan for leftovers. Buy items you can use in more than one meal. Foods like rice, beans, and dried pasta are perfect - they have a long shelf life, and you can use them in so many delicious and nutritious dishes. Ground meat is another good option since it can be stored and defrosted more easily than whole cuts.

Cashback apps for the win!

There are some great apps out there that offer cashback on groceries and other purchases, saving you both money and the hassle of paper coupons. 

We’ve partnered with Access Perks which can help you find in-store and online savings at top wholesale clubs and retailers nationwide in addition to amazing discounts on dininghotels, and lots more. It’s local and easy to use and has stores we actually shop at.