Lower your student loan bills today. 

Lower your bills with WMStudents.

Find loan repayment programs with Savi. It’s really difficult and confusing to figure out what your options are if you have federal student loans and how to pay them off – or if you’re eligible for forgiveness. Savi can help you do that. Use the calculator here to see how much you could save. Then go on to Savi to start the process. 

How much does it cost? 
It depends. It’s totally free to see your personal repayment calculator and if you’re eligible for loan forgiveness. If you want help enrolling in plans or someone you can work with on the phone, there’s a fee, from $5 a month to about $10 a month. 

Lower Your Internet Bill

You’re paying too much for the internet – let us help you lower that cost. Check out the Affordable Connectivity Program see how much you could save.

Cash for Groceries

You could get up to $250 groceries and not even know it. Check out how you can get more.

Lower Your Rx Bills

Lower the cost of your prescription drug bills by up to 80 percent with WMRx.