Get Help With Daycare Costs


Taking care of kids–especially when they’re young–is a full-time job on its own. If you need assistance, there are government programs and local resources in your area to help.

Head Start Programs

Depending on where you live, these national services offer support from pregnancy to children up to 3 years old (Early Head Start), as well as free preschool for 3-to-5-year olds (Head Start). They also provide parents with education, and support children’s physical, social, emotional, nutritional, and dental health. The goal is to establish a safe and healthy environment that teaches literacy and early development to prepare children for school and life. 


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Am I eligible?

While each state has its own application and eligibility requirements, here are the federal guidelines for income levels across states. Some states, like AK and HI, will have higher income thresholds; other states have opted to use their own funds to raise income eligibility for these programs even further.


Program:Individual income:      Family-of-four income:   
Head Start          $14,500$30,000



Subsidized childcare

Some states also offer free or discounted daycare for qualifying families, often in exchange for a small monthly co-payment. Because the eligibility varies greatly, and many have waitlists, we recommend starting as soon as possible.

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Local support services


Even if you don’t qualify for government programs, there may still be daycare programs available in your area. Simply enter your ZIP code to search among free and discounted services.