File Taxes For Free With IRS Direct File


New Government Service Offers Easy, Online Filing From Your Computer or Phone

Tax season is upon us and we know taxes can be a real headache. But they can also be a source of much-needed help for many of us when we get hundreds of dollars back in our tax refunds each year.

That's why we're so excited to share some upcoming good news:  Starting now, for the first time in U.S. history, you may be able to file your taxes directly online, for free, with the IRS’s new Direct File service!

Direct File is an exciting opportunity for you to access free, safe, and easy tax filing services you can use on your computer, tablet, or phone. It’s time to say no to corporate greed and finally have an affordable solution that will allow you to file your taxes with respect and dignity for free. 

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Direct File Benefits:

  • Interview-based tool that walks you through the steps of preparing the return with simple and easy-to-understand questions 
  • File your return in your web browser, computer, or phone 
  • Live chat support from certified IRS assistance agents while filing
  • Option to file in English or Spanish
  • If you’re eligible, a free experience! 
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Am I Eligible?

  • Check Your State: Taxpayers from 12 states will be able to participate this filing season: Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.
  • Review Your Income & Credits: You can use Direct File if your tax situation from 2023 was relatively simple, and you want to claim common credits like the EITC and the CTC. If your income came primarily from W-2 employment, you're likely eligible. Check to see if you qualify.
  • Use the Screener Tool: Direct File has a screener tool that will make sure it's the right tool for you before you start filing. Visit to learn more eligibility specifics. 

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