Lower Your Utility Bill With Appliance Upgrades


When you’re working hard for every dollar, energy bills can be stressful.  If you love to cook or have a big family that requires lots of loads of laundry, expenses can add up. WorkMoney wants to share ways you can put money back in your pocket  when upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances.


Electric and induction stoves

For those of us who love to cook, you may consider switching from a gas stove to an electric or induction stove as this can help you save on energy costs. Bonus, these appliances also cook faster, make for easier cleanup and don’t release toxic chemicals. Our partner, Rewiring America, can help you find available rebates and tax credits to help you save when shifting to an electric or induction stove.


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Clothes dryers

Whether you choose an electric clothes dryer or a heat pump clothes dryer, you can save money on your electric bills .  A  heat pump clothes dryer uses  even less energy, is gentler on clothes and doesn't require ventilation. While there are upfront costs to switching to one of these dryers,  there are tax rebates and incentives that can help cover the costs.

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