Electrify Your Home To Lower Energy Costs


Transitioning from things that use oil or gas to electric power can save you money but you may need or want additional electric work or storage capacity to support it. That’s why WorkMoney wants to connect you to incentives, rebates and tax credits that can help you electrify your home to lower your monthly bills. 


Electric panels

If you’re switching appliances to electric or adding more appliances or connections, you may need an electrician to help you plan. Hiring one before you start any electrification project can help you save money. Our partner, Rewiring America, can help you find available rebates and tax credits to help you save on electrician and panel costs. 

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Batteries & battery storage

We rely on power for so much in our homes and lives. If you’re in an area that can lose power often, back-up batteries or battery storage might be a great option for you. You can learn all about battery storage here. This can sometimes be pricey, but the good news is there are federal and state incentives and tax credits to help reduce the costs. Our partner, EnergySage, can help you see what incentives and credits are available, compare costs, and equipment options, and connect you to installers in the EnergySage Marketplace.


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EV chargers

Do you have or are interested in getting an electric vehicle AND want to charge it at home? There are tax credits, rebates and incentives that can help lower costs or even help you get you a charger installed for free! With the Inflation Reduction Act’s Alternative Fuel Refueling Property tax credit, you could get 30% off the cost of the hardware and installation, up to $1,000.


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