Car Insurance Should Be Based on How You Drive

Did you know: In some states, a bad credit score matters a lot more than a good driving record when it comes to insurance? In Kansas, a bad credit score may cost a driver $1300 more per year, even if they haven’t had an accident or ticket. That’s outrageous!

Car insurance companies base rates on our driving records and our credit scores. And sometimes credit scores matter more. They look at how well and how often we drive…and they look at how we shop, when we pay our bills, and more.

Credit scores go up and down for a lot of reasons we can’t always see coming – an emergency, a job loss, etc. It’s not fair that someone with a bad credit score and good driving record may be charged so much more than someone with the same driving record and good credit score.

Sign your name now if you think car insurance rates should be based on how well and how often you drive – and nothing else →

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